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Fleet Management and Maintenance

PRO City Cartage has a wide array of trucking services and solutions that meet your needs.  Part of an effective transportation service is the ability to avoid and mitigate service failures in the equipment.  This is critical in both financial and also safety standpoint.  The protection and security of the people is paramount in the services we provide.  In saying this, PRO City Cartage acknowledges its importance and have devoted resources to expertise into Fleet Management & Maintenance. 

At PRO City we conduct our own maintenance and repairs at our MTO approved facility.  In providing a value-added benefit, PRO extends this service to all customers.   

Our goal is to save you money, reduce your risk, ensure your trucking and logistics operations deliver on your objectives – and to work with you to uncover new savings and service opportunities. Let us manage your fleet, while you are free to focus on the business you know best!