Excellent safety record; outstanding OTD statistics

Dedicated Trucking Services

The business case for dedicated trucking services is compelling. Whether you call it “a fleet” or not, the savings can be very significant. Dedicated Trucking Services savings start with the fact of the PRO City Cartage mission. The PRO City Cartage team are trucking and logistics professionals totally dedicated to knowing everything about how to move goods efficiently and effectively.

Whether it’s maintenance and management of capital equipment, or training and directing a team of outstanding drivers, or orchestrating drivers, equipment, loads and routes from our dispatch centers, or especially managing the complexities of insurance and regulations for driving, equipment, operations, safety and more, PRO City Cartage has proven by its steady growth a mastery of trucking and logistics.

Because we do all this at scale, and all the time, you benefit from being part of a much larger operation. But the biggest benefit is probably the impact that partnering with PRO City Cartage can have on your own management team. When you engage our dedicated trucking services you and management team are free to focus exclusively on your own business. But there’s another advantage to engaging PRO City Cartage: Because we know trucking and logistics so well, it’s often the case that we can help you improve the results you obtain from the logistics and trucking services you are consuming!

Your PRO City Cartage Customer Manager can help you explore what working with our team would be like. Please give PRO City a call today – and get ready to save.