Monday, 20 March 2017
Veteran GTA Carrier PRO City Adds First Warehouse At 15,000 SF
(Toronto, Canada, February 6, 2017) What should a mid-sized and successful GTA carrier do for its next act? Where’s the opportunity for a creative, ambitious up-and-coming trucking and logistics services provider?

Since 2003 the PRO City trucking and logistics has shown steady, consistent growth as a well-managed carrier serving the GTA and Ontario, Canada.

But this track record is only the beginning for PRO City; changes in the trucking and logistics services market present new business opportunities.

There’s really no choice says company President Omar Rehman, “Our customers’ logistics and trucking needs are growing as the market evolves. We know logistics and trucking and we can do much more for our customers.”

When asked about how the market is changing, Mr. Rehman explained that “products and consumptions patterns are all becoming more complex; the number and types of products sold today are all much greater than a decade ago. And those are just the end-points – in the middle is distribution, logistics and trucking – our space. Our customers both upstream and downstream are looking to manage that flow for cost containment – and value-added.”

“It’s a challenge” says Mr. Rehman! “But it’s also very exciting. Not everyone thinks of trucking and logistics as fascinating – but we do. There are so many opportunities for new ways of making great business with our customers!”

PRO City’s new warehouse is scheduled to come on stream in June, 2017. Already the PRO City logistics team is working with customers to explore new ways of meeting customer needs.

The warehouse will be fully equipped and staffed for 3PL services, including cross-dock, short-term inventory management, and fulfillment. And the warehouse will have the latest in security and inventory technology.

Through sister company’s, PRO City has access to a deep bench of experienced warehousing staff. With its own warehouse now the PRO City crew will be able to manage entire supply chains for customers.