Real business situations of trucking & logistics change

PRO City Cartage Case Studies

First Time SMB Fleet Management Outsourcing
Cost/benefit analysis for parts distribution
ACME Distributors had successfully served the Ontario market for specialized machine parts for a generation. Now market changes both upstream and downstream made business changes a priority. And part of those changes were a review of the company's fleet of 25 vans. Click through to read more about the cost/benefit analysis that ACME's executive team performed with PRO City, and how they decided to outsource fleet management for the first time.
Big Box Holiday Surge Ramp Up
Joint planning and familiarization drives successful surge support
Surge planning always stresses trucking and logistics ecosystems during any holiday season. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to easily just "dial up" and "dial down" trucking and logistics services? A nice idea, but not so easy in practice when trucking and logistics service providers must maintain inventory of equipment, facilities and staff. Knowing the need, PRO City Cartage has been steadily growing its fleet and ability to support customer surge requirements. Through careful management, the company's stable capacity for surge support has grown steadily. Read more to learn how one big box retailer successfully on-boarded PRO City for a great "dial-up" logistics and trucking experience during 2016's Canadian holiday season!