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Food & Beverage
The PRO City team knows what to do, how to save you money – and ensure you have the right food and beverage products on your shelves.
PRO City has stepped up with the programmes enabling greater flexibility, excellent rates and best handling.
We at PRO City Cartage understand that in order to support the manufacturing industry we have to adjust ourselves to meet the needs of our customers.
The PRO City healthcare logistics team is deeply involved in building creative healthcare solutions, and lower logistics costs.
The growth of a desire for more healthy eating is an opportunity for all members of the agricultural and food distribution community.
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  • 12, May 2017

We make a lot of choices and decisions as professional drivers. One of those decisions, or choices that we see new drivers literally lose sleep over, is "Which company is a good place to start out my career?" It seems that most of us think the most critical ingredient to our success is whose name is on the doors of our truck.

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  • 7, Mar 2017
Although I’m not often in a cab anymore, over the course of my career in trucking and logistics I’ve delivered loads of all kinds. Each load is different – and has it’s own characteristic requirements for handling and safety. Professionals drivers know that you can’t make assumptions that one load is just like another. You have to know your load!
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