PRO City Cartage Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

PRO City Cartage's mission is to be the long-term trucking and logistics services partner of choice to an ever-expanding roster of customers and service providers.

Our Vision

PRO City Cartage's vision for the immediate future is dramatic growth, the addition of new facilities and equipment, and the expansion of the PRO City Cartage team. These enhancements of PRO City's capabilities will enable the company to take on bigger customers and contracts. Moreover, the company will be able to continue pioneering new value-added logistics services. Building on the company's existing portfolio of value-added services, the company plans on targeting the specific needs of sectors where temperature control, small lot, special handling, chain-of-custody, and frequent shipments are required.

Our Strategy

PRO City Cartage's strategy for realizing its ambitious vision is very specific. Building on almost 15 years of experience, the plan is to continually improve PRO Cartage operations in support of total conformance to requirements, maximum cost reduction, and best practices for both mainstream logistics and trucking services and as well, specialized and complex services. PRO City Cartage's history of growth is a template for developing new relationships with long-term customers and partners; in turn a larger scope of operations enables continuous improvement in operational metrics.

PRO City Cartage's team building is an essential part of PRO City Cartage's strategic growth plans, both in terms of maintaining team strength through continuous skills training and on-boarding fully screened new staff members.

Given the nature of the trucking and logistics business, safety and regulatory compliance is a core requirement for success and for respect for employees, customers, and members of the public. Safety and regulatory compliance is at the core of every programme and initiative at PRO City. In fact, this has been apparent from the very beginning, given that the company's name includes an acronym, "PRO", which stands for "professional, reliable and organized", in other words the very definition of a safety culture.