Health Safety and Environment Compliance are key to our Success 

Health, Safety and Compliance

From its beginning in 2003, PRO City Cartage has been founded on the principles of “professionalism, reliability and organization”, from which the acronym “PRO” in the company’s name is derived. The PRO approach has been the basis for both the company’s growth and the company’s excellent track record in health, safety and compliance.

Both management and staff at PRO City Cartage are proud of the company’s excellent track record in health, safety and regulatory compliance. The team knows the success in these areas helps ensure good business results for both customers and PRO City Cartage itself. But beyond business success, systematic attention to safety practices every day is a critical acknowledgement of importance of the people who define what PRO City Cartage does for its customers every day.

Safety and compliance are not just informative wall posters and enthusiasm for safety, although they might help. Real safety and real compliance is serious business. As you would expect from a trucking and logistics firm that promotes itself as professional, reliable and organized, safety and compliance are the subject of intense scrutiny throughout the company.

Here are six insights into safety and compliance at PRO City Cartage.



PRO City Cartage leadership believes that safety and compliance must be part of every task undertaken by company staff. Safety and compliance are not “add-ons” to daily practices, but integral to them. In this way, safety and compliance are part of the company’s overall quality assurance programme. Instead of being a cost of operations, integrated safety and compliance directly contribute to operational excellence. PRO City Cartage leadership and staff all believe that a good business is a safe business. And safe business is achieved both in the context of a strong official safety programme and in attention to safety and compliance through every work day.



The PRO City Cartage commitment to safety and compliance starts with responsibility, specifically with the Vice President and company President. Beyond safety and compliance programmer leadership, every company team member, including office staff, mechanics, field operations and especially drivers, all know their responsibility to practice safety every day.



PRO City Cartage leadership and staff all participate in the company’s Safety and Compliance Programme, which includes training, seminars and team meetings, regular communications, checklists, reports and measurements, analysis, incentives and regular updates on safe practices and changes in compliance requirements. Continuous improvement ensures that safety and compliance are a living and dynamic part of life at PRO City Cartage.



The PRO City Cartage driving team has a remarkably low turnover rate, with many staff having been with the company since its inception. All new PRO City Cartage drivers and staff are thoroughly vetted, trained and then mentored as they learn the “PRO City” way. The PRO City way is a safe way, based on team support. Every driver knows that safety comes first and that company support for the right decision is always there.



The company maintains its own team of mechanics and its own garage. Tractors and trucks are mostly newer models with up-to-date safety and maintainability features. All vehicles are equipped with GPS, remote telemetry and electronic driving logs. In the context of safety and compliance, driving elogs are analyzed for opportunities to improve driving practices.



On every measure of safety and compliance, PRO City Cartage has met and exceeded industry norms. This achievement is reflected PRO City Cartage’s excellent insurance rates, customer satisfaction, outstanding operational metrics and costs -- and company staff spirit. Safety and compliance is not an “after-thought” or a sticker, but have been an integral part of PRO City Cartage’s business model from the very beginning.