Message From Our   President Omar Rehman

President’s Message

As President and Founder of PRO City Cartage I have seen amazing changes since our beginnings in 2003. You’ve probably seen the same changes (I suspect that anyone reading this note is also interested in trucking and logistics).

Certainly the improvements in equipment, such as tractor reliability and features, are notable to anyone who, like myself, is qualified and experienced in driving. But equally notable is the arrival of powerful technology that enables us to take our logistics game to new levels.

But it’s not just the technology that has evolved. Cartage, trucking and logistics customers are all under unprecedented pressure to both cut costs and at the same time to develop ever finer controls on product availability. You’d think that would be impossible – better services AND lower costs. But we do this every day for our customers!

So, while trucking and logistics may not always seem like a dynamic industry to outsiders, for industry professionals it’s a life of constant learning!

And that makes our business exciting. As you can see elsewhere on our site, we’ve enjoyed gratifying successes with specialized customers that needed creative new ways to save and serve better. Figuring how to do that is fascinating – but the real value is in when our PRO City team can execute such new services successfully every day.

And that’s what doesn’t change, the PRO City Cartage team of drivers, shop staff, dispatch and administration. As many readers will know, many PRO City Cartage team members have been with us for years, even from the beginning. (We probably advertise less for drivers than most companies, because our turnover is so low.)

We work hard to ensure that every one of our PRO City Cartage team members share in our enthusiasm for the industry, for our customers and in our success. We are all, as our company acronym “PRO” implies, professional, reliable and organized. This means we get our work done in the best way possible, minimizing the unexpected or the unscheduled. And as a result we can reliably and consistently deliver the well-managed services our customers expect and have grown to rely on.

Note that PRO City Cartage is expanding this year – again! So if you’re a driver with the highest level of pride and professionalism, we would like to hear from you. And to our customers and consumers of cartage, trucking and logistics services, please get ready to engage with us. We’re ramping up new services and more capacity. So, what are your stretch goals this year? Let’s explore what we can do together to help you be successful with your logistics and trucking plans!