Discover your logistics & trucking savings with PRO City's free joint assessment of potential trucking and logistics savings!

Free PRONalysis Assessment

PRO City trucking and logistics professionals live every working day for better logistics and more savings! Why not sit down with one of our friendly staff and explore the possibility of your own logistics and trucking savings? Or maybe improvements in operational performance?

PRO City's PRONalysis program is based on a confidential and structured assessment of your operations and your goals. The assessment is based on our deep experience helping our customers succeed in the always evolving world of trucking and logistics.

Don't forget, PRO City PRONalysis free! And when you're done, you'll have a good report as another data point on potential savings or management off-loading.

Who is eligible for PRO City PRONalysis? If you manage a logistics or trucking function and are looking for ways to improve, you're eligible and we'd be happy to talk with you! Call us today!

Better Performance, Lower Operational Costs

Logistics & Trucking PRONalysis

Do you need to reconfigure your logistics and trucking program? Why not engage your PRO City Cartage professional for a no-charge Logistics and Trucking PRONalysis?
Through the PRONalysis engagement, you can explore both potential savings and uncover performance improvement opportunities. The ProCity Cartage team has years of experience helping company customers achieve both goals. Call ProCity Cartage today to find out how you can too!

Selected PRO City Cartage PRONalysis Report Topics

  • Logistics analysis
  • Logistics & trucking strategy
  • Staffing levels
  • Logistics analysis
  • Logistics & trucking strategy
  • Staffing levels

PRONalysis Preliminary Questionnaire

What will be the specific trucking or logistics focus of your PRONalysis? (Check all relevant.)
  • GTA Cartage
  • Ontario multi-plant logistics
  • Specialized handling and equipment
  • Surge support
  • Cold-chain services
  • Other (please describe)
What is your role?
  • VP Operations 
  • VP Logistics 
  • CFO  
  • Sales Director 
Who will be the programme’s sponsor?
  • CFO 
  • VP Sales 
  • VP Operations 
  • Sales Director
What change has triggered this need?
  • Decline in revenue 
  • Lost Opportunities 
  • Staffing Levels
  • New Market Opportunities

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